Puddle Park at California Adventure

Bumbo and cupcake


Didn’t get enough sleep last night? Me too.

Home again

One Year Ago

The camera weighed heavily on my arm, as if burrowing its way into my shoulder, knowing what I was thinking. For the first time in many years, I wanted to quit photography. I was spinning my ring around my finger like I always do when I can’t form the right thoughts to focus on. When you’re in the darkness of a hospital room watching your newborn struggle to breathe, your mind can’t help but go back and wonder if or what we could’ve done to turn things around. Every few minutes the alarm would sound, bringing me back to the present as I checked her IV and monitors. Even though I have never been hospitalized myself, I could feel the cold drip of the saline flowing through the IV and the chilly oxygen enriched air blowing into her nose.

By God’s grace, Leila rapidly showed signs of improvement – she no longer needed IV fluids, her oxygen saturation levels rose steadily, and her coughing fits decreased

And then she proceeded to give me 4 good reasons why I can’t quit photography