Irene & Aaron – Saddlerock Ranch Wedding Photobooth

Way back, like when we got married nearly 6 years ago (in 4 days!), the wedding video was an uncut, continuously recording miniDV or hi8 on a tripod. Zippy zooming in and out, jerky pans left and right, and a transfer to DVD to “finalize” it. That’s how ours was. A couple years ago, I was sitting at the computer, mindlessly going through some feeds and clicking links until I landed on stillmotion’s vimeo and my entire perception of wedding videos changed. I knew Canon had a pretty nifty camera when the 5D Mark II came out, but OMG the wedding industry just transformed from church bells and organs to a cinematic production with ninja videographers and flying cameras. You seriously never see them until the camera sweeps by and then they’re gone.

I had the privilege to meet the team a couple weeks ago at Irene and Aaron’s wedding on the beautiful Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu. I’ve been watching their videos on my computer at home, but getting to see them at work and watch the SDE (same-day-edit) projected over the dance floor, with all the emotions and hard work of the day wrapped up in a four minute video, was a moment to remember. SM proved again why they are at the top of their game with superior story-telling, creativity, and technique.

At about the 3 min mark you can see our white photobooth in the background of the ceremony and processional. Most photobooths setup in the back or outside a reception because they can be an eyesore, ruining the aesthetic of the wedding. In many of our recent events we had ours in plain sight next to the dance floor, next to the stage where the sweetheart table is, or, as you can see in the video, right behind the wedding ceremony.

how crazy is this? // irene + aaron’s SDE from stillmotion on Vimeo.


This was the second time we visited the ranch for a wedding, so I had my camera out for a few photos as we passed through

We absolutely adore this venue, not just for the animals, but the rolling hills and hidden visual treasures all around. I wish I had time to just walk around but we had some work to do!

After the cocktail hour we moved the booth up the hill to make it more accessible during the reception

The B&G watching the slideshow before stillmotion runs their SDE

Thank you Irene & Aaron for letting us be a part of your special day! We wish you blessings and joy in your new life together!


i LOVE the first photobooth picture!!!! the best combination of both snappy joe & stillmo!!! GREAT job guys!!!

this is the entry that starts it all.

Nice array of regular photos, videos and photo booths.

I also really like the graphics you did for the photo booth pictures.