What should I buy?

I don’t know why, but people think I’m some kind of human encyclopedia about tech. Maybe it’s because I’m Asian and I wear glasses with that nerdy look. I get asked questions all the time about new gadgets and geeky tech stuff. I guess it’s a good thing for me though because I don’t have a lot of interest in sports, celebrity gossip, or politics. The conversations I usually end up getting stuck in the longest usually start with, “What should I buy?” This question used to be just about computers and gadgets, but as SLR prices drop, it’s always about the camera now.

My answer is usually the same every time. Stick with either Canon or Nikon, and buy what you can afford. Any photographer will tell you it’s the lens that creates the image, a good body might help make it easier. Unless you like to drop lenses and break expensive glass, your lenses will last you multiple bodies if you stick with one system. I’ll be going into this subject a little bit more in the future.


i have a propensity to drop and run into things. perhaps i shouldn’t go into photography….

hey stephen! i was at elena li’s house yesterday and saw the pictures you took from tchs prom. they were awesome! so fun and much nicer than the normal portraits they do in front of a canvas background.

btw, do you have a 50mm f/1.2? do you know how the AF is on that? hopefully not as slow as the 85?

Hi Serena! Taking prom pictures for all those crazy high schoolers was fun. The typical gray muslin dance pics are so boring, and they were at the Long Beach Aquarium!

I actually just got the 50/1.2! I initially had some mixed feelings when doing test shots, but when I actually started using it there is a lovely glow and crispiness to all the images. The AF is a little faster than my 85/1.2L II but still a little slow for tracking action. You may notice a bigger difference in speed from your 85/1.2. Hope that helps!